TNA’s Taz Criticizes Companies For Re-Creating History

Former ECW original, WWE Superstar and current TNA Colour Commentator Taz was a guest tonight on Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Highlights:

– Talking about his new pro wrestling “finishing” school,

– He and Jimmy Korderas recollecting about his first WWE match (which Jimmy refereed) and “why Taz left the WWE

– Talking about the original ECW and Taz’s opinions on rehashes of that era

EXCERPT: “When companies try to re create history in their business…that pisses me off. Unfortunately I’ve worked for some companies that have done it at that time. I’ve voiced my opinions with those companies behind the scenes that I personally wasn’t happy. I didn’t expect them to stop that. These companies try to re-do and re create ECW because it worked. I don’t see anyone trying to re-do WCW. ECW worked because the stars were aligned perfectly at that time. It was that era, that group of people, that leader in Paul Heyman. We were that little engine that could.”