EXCLUSIVE: Backstage Reaction to David Arquette at Raw

WWE Officials were thrilled to have David Arquette on camera last night for Monday Night Raw, but not for the reasons you might think.

WreslteZone has learned exclusively WWE is exploring ways to publicize Arquette’s involvement in the show, especially when noted Hollywood comic actor and producer Freddie Prinze Jr has established himself as a key member of the writing staff.

"Vince was excited that Arquette was so heavily involved in the show because he feels it demonstrates star power to the show business community," one key member of WWE management told WrestleZone this evening.

You may be thinking "David Arquette? Star power?"

The WWE insider spelled it out for us. "Arquette made huge headlines with his new deal involving Merv Griffin Entertainment," we were informed, "and where was he when the headlines broke? Inside a WWE locker room!"

Arquette’s new project was a major discussion in Hollywood trades today, as he has partnered with Merv Griffin Entertainment to develop "Ranking the Stars," a celebrity game show that  takes a group of well-known panelists and asks them to rank one another on a given topic, from most likely to least likely.

Based on a successful Japanese game show, the program’s lure is that it requires celebrities to be self-deprecating as they’re forced to admit whether they think they’d be more or less prone to do something embarrassing, such as secretly informing the paparazzi on their whereabouts or making a sex tape, than the celeb sitting next to them.

"Ranking the Stars" is based on an Asahi TV format that has already been turned into a series in the Netherlands, Korea, India and elsewhere. Merv Griffin Entertainment optioned the format a while back but had been waiting on the right talent.

Arquette will serve as a host and creative consultant on the show but will not be an executive producer.

Arquette and his estranged wife Courteney Cox (formerly of "Friends")  continue to jointly run Coquette Prods., home of ABC ‘s "Cougar Town." Coquette won’t be involved in "Ranking the Stars," the result of a joint decision by Merv Griffin Entertainment, Arquette and Cox.

Bank and Arquette will pitch "Ranking" after the holidays. No word on when he might again appear in WWE.