WWE Raw Results – December 13, 2010

WWE Raw Results

December 13, 2010

Results by Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

WWE RAW Opener:

Michael Cole introduces us to this special, three-hour "Slammy" edition of WWE Raw. CM Punk and Jerry Lawler now check in on commentary as well, and this week’s show is officially underway!

First Award, Presented By David Arquette:

Former WCW champion David Arquette is out now to introduce the first award of the evening. Arquette recaps the story of winning the WCW title, going as far as to call himself one of the greatest champions of all-time.

A video package airs to present the first award. The Nexus wins the first award. Wade Barrett comes out to accept. He mentions having the power to rehire John Cena. He says he’s not sure what he’s going to do. He promises to decide what he’s going to do by the end of the show tonight. He promises to create more shocking moments in the future.

Anonynous Raw GM Chimes In:

The anonymous Raw GM chimes in. Cole reads the email. The Raw GM made a match for tonight between Wade Barrett and the Big Show. With that said, out comes Big Show.

Big Show vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett stalls early. Barrett pokes Big Show in the eye to gain the upper hand in the offense. Show is fighting back fast, and Barrett is again backing off. Barrett grabs his Slammy award and simply walks to the back. Barrett is counted out. Match ends in just over three minutes.

Winner via Count Out: Big Show


"Superstar Of The Year" Slammy Category Hype:

"Superstar Of The Year" Slammy award category is shown on the screen. The Miz, John Cena, Edge, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton are up for that particular award. We head to commercial.

Note: The award won by Wade Barrett and The Nexus earlier was for "2010 Shocker of the Year"

Slammy Award #2: Despicable Me

Kelly Kelly and Tyson Kidd are out to present the next award. Nominees for this award are Vince McMahon (with Bret Hart), CM Punk (interupting Rey Mysterio singing to his daughter). CM Punk wins the award. Punk hugs Michael Cole and accepts his award. Punk cuts a typical CM Punk-promo to accept his award.

Daniel Bryan (with The Bella Twins) vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) and Ted DiBiase (with Maryse)

We return from commercial with the match in progress. Ziggler is on the offensive against Bryan. Ziggler and DiBiase exchange tags and attempt some nearfalls. Kingston makes a hot tag and nails Ziggler with the Boom Drop. Kingston hits the Trouble In Paradise on Ziggler. DiBIase tries to break up the pinfall, but is too late. Kingston secures the victory via clean pinfall.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

More hype for the "Superstar Of The Year" award is shown again as we head to commercial.


Slammy Award #3: Guest Star Shining Moment Of The Year

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov come out to introduce the next Slammy Award of the evening. They goof around a bit, typical Santino stuff. Nominees are Mike Tyson, Pee Wee Herman, Wayne Brady and William Shatner. Pee Wee Herman takes it. He accepts the award himself in a pre-taped video speech that is aired.

Backstage: David Otunga & The Nexus, Wade Barrett

Otunga and The Nexus are shown backstage confronting Barrett backstage. Otunga tells Barrett that The Nexus would be fine without him. He says his solo career isn’t looking so promise either, after his match with Big Show earlier tonight. Barrett smiles and thanks Otunga. Barrett says "thanks, now I know exactly what I am going to do." We head to commercial.

Cody Rhodes vs. Mark Henry

Henry pie-faces Rhodes to start things off. Rhodes isn’t happy about it, and goes to work on Henry with rage. Henry misses a big splash in the corner, setting up Rhodes landing a springboard kick. Rhodes quickly follows that up with a top rope knee to the back of Henry straight into a pinfall. Rhodes takes it.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Slammy Award #4: Holy Sh*t Move Of The Year

Jerry Lawler and Vickie Guerrero are out to present the next Slammy Award. The nominees are John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, John Cena and Randy Orton. Orton’s nominee was for countering Evan Bourne’s Shooting Star Press with the RKO. In the end, Cena wins the award for hitting the Attitude Adjustment on Batista from the top of a car. Wade Barrett comes out to intercept the award and continues to the ring to announce his decision. He says he will not announce his decision until John Cena comes out to face him. Cena comes out through the crowd and hits the ring. The Nexus end up surrounding the ring. Barrett tells Cena he’s re-hired, but on two conditions. First, Cena must face Barrett at the TLC pay-per view this coming Sunday in a chair match. The second condition is Cena must face David Otunga here tonight. The Nexus hit the ring and beat down Cena. Barret uses a chair on Cena and leaves. The Nexus leave with him. We head to commercial.


Slammy Award #5: Reaction Of The Year

David Arquette is presenting again. Winner is "Angry Miz girl." The girl is actually in attendance. Her name is Kaylie and she comes out with her dad. The Miz comes out and talks to her from his knee in a condescending voice. He steals her Slammy and asked to see the look. She flashes the look and walks off. The Miz continues to the ring and explains why he feels he will win the big Superstar Of The Year Slammy later tonight.

Anonymous GM Checks In Again:

Michael Cole announces via the anonymous Raw GM that The Miz and Randy Orton will face former World champions in single matches tonight. The Miz is up first, and he’ll be competing against Rey Mysterio in a non-title contest.

Non-Title Match:

-The Miz (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio knocks Miz to the floor and hits a running senton splash on him off the ring apron. Alberto Del Rio comes out, which distracts Mysterio, giving Miz the opportunity to turn the tide in the match. Mysterio fires back on offense and scores a number of nearfalls on The Miz. After some distraction from Del Rio and Alex Riley, Miz scores a pinfall on Mysterio to pick up the victory.

Winner: The Miz

Anonymous Raw GM Yet Again:

Michael Cole takes to the podium and reads the latest email from the anonymous Raw GM. He announces Randy Orton’s former world champion opponent for tonight is former WCW champion David Arquette. Joining him will be Alex Riley. Orton vs. Arquette and Riley in a handicap match later tonight.


Slammy Award #6: Meltdown Of The Year

Edge comes out to present the sixth Slammy Award of the evening. Christian comes out to be his co-presenter. E&C~! Nominees are Alberto Del Rio, Big Show, Edge and Batista. Edge wins for destroying the Raw GM computer. Edge flips out. Christian starts playing with his phone and teases that he is the anonymous Raw GM. Edge and Christian goof off a bit and out we go.

King Sheamus vs. John Morrison

This one only lasted an official time of 35 seconds. The two brawl out of control and the referee simply calls for the bell. Double disqualification. 

No Contest: Double Disqualification

Anonymous Raw GM Checks In Again:

It is revealed via the anonymous Raw GM that added to this Sunday’s TLC PPV will be a ladder match to determine the number one contender to the WWE title between King Sheamus and John Morrison. Sheamus is angry. He grabs a ladder and beats Morrison with it. Sheamus continues his attack and leaves Morrison beaten on the floor.

They hype a singles match between John Cena and David Otunga as we head to commercial.

Slammy Award #7: Knucklehead Moment Of The Year

JTG and William Regal are out to present the next Slammy award of the evening. In the end, Michelle McCool and Layla win.

We head to commercial with some hype for an upcoming Diva of the Year batle royal.


Divas Battle Royal

The ring clears pretty damn quick. Everyone tried teaming up on LayCool, but it doesn’t take. Beth Phoenix eliminates Melina with a Glam Slam over the top rope. Now she eliminates Layla, but Layla quickly jumps back in to help McCool eliminate Phoenix. McCool eliminates Natalya and wins the battle royal.

Winner: Michelle McCool

Anonymous Raw GM Checks In:

The Raw GM announces that Natalya & Beth Phoenix will team up to take on LayCool in a tag-team tables match at the TLC PPV this Sunday.

Edge vs. Jack Swagger is up next, after this commercial break.

Edge vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger controlling the offense early on, dominating Edge with a variety attack. Swagger seems to be focusing his atack on the neck and ribs. Swagger with a nearfall. Edge starts to fight back but Swagger cuts him short. Swagger applies an ankle lock. Edge gets his way out and nails Swagger with a spear for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Edge

Backstage: Alex Riley, David Arquette & The Miz

Backstage we see Riley complaining to Arquette about being his partner. Arquette compares his accolades with Miz’s. Miz tells him not to worry and that he wanted to put Orton through a table tonight.


Slammy Award #8: Moment Of The Year

Big Show comes out in a suit to present the next Slammy award of the evening. Nominees are Free or Fired, Sheamus taking out Triple H, Edge speaking Chris Jericho through a barricade at WrestleMania and Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker II from WrestleMania. No-brainer here as HBK-Taker 2 takes the award for 2010 Moment Of The Year. HBK appears on the titantron to accept the award. He says he’s not coming back, he lost and had to retire and thanks everyone for a wonderful ride. "Do I miss it? No, I don’t. Do I miss you? Yes, I do."

Hype is shown for Cena vs. Otunga and Orton vs. Arquette and Riley, as we head to commercial.

Handicap Match:

-Randy Orton vs. David Arquette & Alex Riley (with The Miz)

Orton is down early, and Arquette tags in to take advantage. As soon as Orton recovered, Arquette tagged the hell out. Riley works over Orton in the corner while Arquette distracts the referee. Orton hits his powerslam and follows it up with an Angle slam. Orton goes for the RKO and gets it, along with the pinfall. Short-short match.

Winner: Randy Orton

After The Match:

Immediately after the pinfall, The Miz comes into the ring and attacks him. Arquette and Miz set up a table. Orton blocks a double-suplex attempt by the duo. Orton goes after Miz but Arquette hits him from behind. Orton looks at Arquette like "you just f’d up" and Miz quickly scrambles out of the picture and backs off. Orton then powerbombs Arquette through the table. Arquette is put on a board and taken out of there.

Slammy Award #9: And I Quote Line Of The Year

Tons of nominees. NXT season two contestants Eli Cottonwood and Titus O’Neill make appearances. Cole presents the award to himself. Cole tries to make a speech but the Raw theme music plays over him. They hype the Superstar Of The Year category again as we head to another commercial break.


Slammy Award #10: Superstar Of The Year

Nominees are The Miz, John Cena, Edge, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton. Teddy Long is out to present. The award is presented to Cena. Shocker. Cena cuts a long promo covering 2010 moments. Cena reiterates that he’s back full-time on Raw now. He said he’ll continue to be a man of his word. He says he has two more Nexus members on his list: David Otunga and Wade Barrett. He says he’ll handle Otunga tonight. The Nexus comes out to the stage.


-John Cena vs. David Otunga

This one doesn’t last long. Cena dominates early. Otunga comes back briefly but Cena regains the advantage and quickly forces Otunga to tap out, giving Cena the victory by submission.

Winner by Submission: John Cena

After The Match:

After the match, with Barrett watching, Cena took a chair shot to the ribs and across the back. He begs towards Barrett for help, but no dice. Cena goes crazy with the chair. Barrett simply stands there as Cena celebrates with the chair.

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