Update on Tomorrow’s Raw/NFL Situation, JR on UFC 124

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For those who have emailed in questioning whether or not the NY Giants vs Minnesota Vikings game will actually take place tomorrow given the current condition of the Metrodome, it should be noted that the game will be played in Detroit at Ford Field, so the game WILL take place tomorrow night at 7:20pm. Additionally, for those in the area that want to attend the game, all tickets are being issued for free.

Jim Ross has posted a new blog looking at last night’s UFC 124 PPV. Below is an excerpt, and you can read the full blog if you CLICK HERE.

"I enjoyed the PPV and felt that I got my monies worth. That is and should always be the bottom line of purchasing any PPV. UFC 124 delivered in the Octagon which is where UFC begins and ends. 

The Montreal crowd is to be saluted. Their passion helped make the event an ‘experience.’ Any one can promote an event. Great promoters who match compelling fighters in front of emotionally invested audiences produce ‘experiences.’

I would have enjoyed a few more beauty shots of the expansive crowd and certainly would have liked for the house to have been mic’ed better. I wanted to have to strain to hear Goldberg and Rogan and that wasn’t the case at least on my cable system.

One of UFC’s most viable assets is the unpredictability of the outcomes of their fights which is akin to old school, pro wrestling. Sorry MMA purists but study the history of the ‘grunt and grown’ entertainment entity. Unpredictability was one of the traits that helped build the biz most of you now say you despise into a global phenomenon."


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