J.R. On Orton/Austin Similarities; PG Rating Going Away, More

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Jim Ross recently updated the blog section on his official BBQ website.  The following are excerpts from his column.  To read the full article, click here.

On Comparisons Between Steve Austin and Randy Orton:

While there are attitudinal similarities between the two,  Austin had the benefit of the Attitude Era and was the first, truly defiant, global, fan favorite mega star. Orton has comparable traits… he’s a loner…unpredictable…as edgy as he is allowed to be in his product’s current form…and of all the WWE Superstars actively competing at this time, Orton comes closest to be somewhat ‘Rattlesnake-like.’ Nonetheless Stone Cold was an ‘original’ and Mr. RKO is working on his own body of work as he continues to advance his own individuality which is exactly what he should do. The great thing about Orton, barring unforeseen injuries, is that his best days still lie ahead.


On Whether WWE Will Ever Abandon The PG Rating:

I am not privy to that info but my educated guess would be not at this time. I do think that there is room for the TV presentation to be a little more edgy in an organic, natural way and still stay within the confines of a PG rating. I do find it smart that the PG rating enables younger fans to engage the genre with their parents.

We fans can still sample TV wrestling that isn’t PG rated that many don’t consider to be must see, compelling TV. Bottom line is that NOT being PG doesn’t equate to automatic success.  Successful TV wrestling comes from having skilled athletes who are perceived by the consumers as stars and who can execute bell to bell in addition to being able to verbally communicate well thought out, personal issues of which they are involved.

It sure as heck isn’t about chair shots to the head, over kill of low road verbiage/profanity and multiple use of bloody scenarios.

Jim Ross also discusses in great depth the upcoming UFC match between George St. Pierre and Josh Koshcheck. 


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