Ross Report: Cole, Slammies, GM, Punk/Announcing, TLC

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Many within the WWE Universe seemed to approve of Master Randal Orton RKO’ing Michael Cole Monday night on Raw. Cole arguably deserved retribution for costing Jerry Lawler the WWE Title in the impromptu TLC Match from Philly on Raw, but an argument can be made that it should have been the King taking Cole to the woodshed and not Orton.

Nonetheless will the ‘mysterious’ Raw General Manager reprimand Orton for his actions on an announcer? I guess we’ll find out during the three-hour Monday Night Raw this week. Remember to set your DVR’s one hour earlier so as to not miss the first hour of the Slammies.

Cole is evolving into an extremely obnoxious broadcaster and unless he changes his ways he will find himself in harm’s way more often than not. It’s one thing to have an opinion but when those opines take on a personal nature, one then begins to walk a thin line.

The entire, anonymous Raw GM biz isn’t my cup of sweet tea, more often than not, which is another reason that I’m happy to be away from the Raw announce table. I’m afraid that at some point that I would do or say that I would regret … as if that hasn’t happened in my career on more than one occasion.

I did enjoy the broadcasting work of King, Punk and Josh Mathews last Monday on Raw. Josh is a hard working young man who does his homework and he did well with his opportunity to sit at the grown up table on Raw.

Punk seems to potentially have a career as a color analyst after his wrestling days have ended, but I expect his grappling will resume in early 2011.

Yours truly is looking forward to attending the TLC PPV in Houston as an interested fan. Houston has always been one of my favorite cities, including the days when I worked with famed wrestling promoter Paul Boesch on Friday nights at the Sam Houston Coliseum on Houston Wrestling. What a tape library that would be for WWE On Demand, and of course my memories of the two WrestleManias that I was a part of in Houston.

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