All-Star Comedic Tribute To Jim Cornette Now On DVD

Kayfabe Commentaries sent along the following:

December 7, 2010


Jim Cornette has occasinally infuriated the wrestling world. Jim Cornette has also made that wrestling world roll with laughter. Jim Cornette is the perfect subject of a scathing, hilarious comedy roast.

The polarizing but lovable Cornette, whose “Ring Roasts III” dvd was released today, gained fame initially as a manager. But it’s his unbridled passion for the business that makes headlines occasionally, as Cornette has today become more of a shoot interview soundbyte king. See, we told you he’d make a good roast subject.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock on a wrestling-less planet, you know that October’s “Ring Roasts III” live event featured Jim Cornette as the guest of honor. And today, the DVD of the event has gone onsale at

Roasters featured stars from the world of wrestling and also comedians. Al Snow, Dutch Mantell, Nick Dinsmore, The Midnight Express (Condrey and Eaton version), Bob Holly, Missy Hyatt, Prince Nana, and Roastmaster Bill Apter were among the personalities on the dais. Extra curricular activities from the night included Bill Apter’s combover being cut off by the Midnight Express, and a stiff racket shot on an “unwanted guest.”

Co-promoter Kayfabe Commentaries’ Sean Oliver says Ring Roasts is not your typical comedy roast. “As we’ve seen in previous Ring Roasts, there is an unpredictable element to these nights. We have to create that atmosphere. Although the shows definitely have to be hilarious and comic in nature, it also has to be a little…well…’wrestling’ too.”

“Ring Roasts III: Get Corny!” went on sale this morning at