DGUSA News: On A&E Tonight, Atlanta Info, 25% Off & More

Just a few quick Dragon Gate USA notes:

-Dragon Gate USA will be featured on "Strange Days With Bob Saget" TONIGHT on A&E. The episode is now listed as being on at 11pm. We were told it would be on at 10:30pm. Set your DVR for both so you don’t miss it!!!

-Tickets are now on sale for DGUSA events on Wrestlemania weekend in Atlanta. The shows will be Saturday, April 2nd at 8pm and Sunday, April 3rd at noon. Ticket sales got off to a fast start yesterday at DGUSA.tv or by calling 267-519-9744.

-The holiday savings continue at www.DGUSA.tv as all DVDs, shirts & hats are 25% off until this Monday. This is the only time we do a % off sale and we won’t offer one this big again until possibly next holiday season. Take advantage now.

-We are just waiting from approval from Japan to list the four teams selected for the Open The United Gate Title tourney. It will be a four team, three day round robin tournament taking place on Jan. 28th in Manhattan, Jan. 29th in Philadelphia and Jan. 30th in Union City. This format means that every event will get two main event quality Dragon Gate style tag team matches. Tickets for all three events are on sale now in the DGUSA.tv Store or by calling 267-519-9744.

-ATTN: WRESTLERS!!! The www.DGUSA.tv Seminar/Tryout section has been updated. Check it out for your chance to get booked and learn the Dragon Gate system. The first Seminar/Tryout of 2011 will be on Jan. 29th in Philadelphia.

-Here’s some of the great things you can get for 25% off now at DGUSA.tv or by calling 267-519-9744:
-"Enter The Dragon" 2 DVD Set (show of the year candidate with Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo, which Bryan calls his best indy match this year)

-NEW: Infinity DVDs (authentic DVDs from Japan featuring Dragon Gate’s TV program, only limited quantities available)

-"Fearless" Premium Shirt (stylish red shirt with silver all over print)

-"Uprising" 2 DVD Set (raved about PPV with two must see tag team matches plus BxB Hulk vs. Masato Yoshino)

-"Open The Northern Gate" 2 DVD Set (called the sleeper show of the year with Hulk & PAC vs. Shingo & YAMATO, Dragon Kid vs. Yoshino 2/3 Falls)

-"Mercury Rising" 2 DVD Set (match of the year candidate 6 man tag pitting Warriors vs. World-1, YAMATO vs. Susumu Yokosuka)

-DGUSA Japanese Shirt (cool design with Japanese writing)

-DGUSA Knit Hat (keep your head warm this winter while showing off the DGUSA logo)

Get all these items and much more for 25% off until Dec. 13th. Get DGUSA products and see the difference for yourself.

-Thank you for reading.