*Spoilers:* Complete TNA Impact Results For 12/9/10

The following results are courtesy of Mike Jenkins and PWInsider.com:

– The show opened with Tara singing her entrance music and Generation Me having her back. Mickie James came out and got in Tara’s face. Gen Me then grabbed Tara which brought out Eric Young. It set up Mickie vs. Tara in a cage for later tonight.

– Eric Bischoff was pissed at AJ Styles for losing the TV Title to Douglas Williams. Rhino chose the wrong time to come in and ask for a new contract because he was told no and beaten up by Fortune.

– Fortune, Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett and Abyss were in the ring when EB called out Matt Morgan. Morgan came out and was told next week it will be him vs. Mr. Anderson and the winner gets a title shot at Jeff Hardy. Morgan said that Anderson has not been cleared to wrestle. EB said if he doesn’t wrestle, he is fired. People groaned because they know no one important gets fired for real in wrestling.

– Brother Ray brought out a guy he called Devon and did a promo saying he was Team 3D and he could team with anyone and still be as good as they were. Good promo.

– Ray was proven incorrect as he and his impostor lost to Ink Inc when the impostor was pinned.

– The Motor City Machineguns beat EB’s security team after Beer Money came out and attacked the champs.

– Angelina Love and Velvet Sky beat Sarita in Daffney in the first match of the Knockouts tag title tournament.

– Douglas Williams beat Abyss to retain the TV Title. Afterwards, AJ Styles attacked the champ and left him laying.

– In the main event, Mickie James beat Tara inside the cage.