WWE RAW Results – December 6, 2010

WWE RAW Results

December 6, 2010

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

RAW Opener:

King and Punk are talking about last week’s events at the announcer’s table when Michael Cole comes out to the stage to a chorus of boos. He says last week was traumatic and the people don’t get it, but he won’t apologize for liking the Miz because he was the only one to support him from the start. Cole tells King he got caught up in the moment and he regrets it, and King says he should apologize. Cole beats around the bush until King says he’ll get in the ring and finish what he started, and Cole says King is just as much to blame because he stole the spotlight from Miz. Cole says he won’t apologize and says he thinks King owes him one, and we get a GM email when King heads to the ring.

Punk gets up to the podium and mocks Cole, then reads the email and it says King or Cole will be fired if either one harms the other. He tells them to shake hands in the ring and they do, but King holds on to Cole when he tries to leave, and tells him someone else has something to say to him. Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring and Cole tries to beg him off while King holds him. Orton tells him to send a message to Miz, and he doesn’t blame Miz for cashing in, because Orton would have done the same exact thing. He says they are alot alike, except Orton has proved he can back it up, and he will take back the title, tonight.

Miz comes out with Alex Riley and he says Orton used to stand on his own but now he sounds like everyone else who doubted him. He says he won Money In The Bank and Orton has a bum knee and excuses, and Miz doesn’t have to defend his title until the TLC pay per view in two weeks. Orton says that’s a great plan, but he won’t have Nexus to beat him down this time, and Riley doesn’t count either. Riley says that is tough talk from a guy with one leg, and says he wants a match tonight with him. Orton accepts and Miz tells him he gets to pick the match at the pay per view, and his decision will be like him: awesome. Orton says injured knee or not, there is one thing he can still do well, and he turns around and RKO’s Michael Cole.