WWE House Show Results (12/5): Ontario, California

WWE Live Event (Ontario, Calif. at Citizen’s Bank Arena)

Report by Justin Morales and ProWrestling.net

My buddies and I went to the WWE show at the Citizens Bank Arena. It’s about two years old and this is the first time WWE has come here.

1. Chris Masters defeated Tyler Reks. The crowd was pretty hot for the first match and was really behind Masters. I wish he had this reaction on television. Masters won with the Masterlock.

2. Drew McIntyre defeated Chavo Guerrero. Drew got the mic and said he hated everyone. Chavo then said Viva La Raza! Chavo hit the three amigos, then the frog splash, but Drew got his hand on the ropes to break the count. Drew hit the Future shock DDT for the win.

3. Alex Riley defeated Primo. A-Ri got on the mic and said Miz is the champion in case anyone didn’t know yet. Riley won with his finisher (not sure what it’s called). As Primo was walking back, he was jumped by Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel.

4. The Nexus (Slater and Gabriel) defeated Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. Before the match, the Raw GM chime sounded and said there must be a dance off. Santino and Kozlov did their moves, but were knocked from behind by Nexus. Nexus controlled Kozlov for most of the match before Santino got the hot tag. Santino hit the Cobra on Slater, but Gabriel broke the pin. Gabriel got the tag and then hit the 450 on Santino for the win.

5. Kaval defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. It was announced as an IC title match, but Dolph said that he just spoke to Vickie Guerrero and said his title won’t be on the line. Great back and forth action. Kaval won with a roll up.

There was an intermission. Justin Roberts announced Raw will be in Anaheim on Monday February 14.