Live TNA Final Resolution Fan Notes: Rhino Blading, More

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Thanks to Dave Ebert for sending in the following:

I was at TNA Final Resolution last night, and wanted to pass along a few notes.

-It was obvious most of the talent were just off the plane from an overseas tour. The show, live, looked extremely sloppy in regards to the booking and the execution of matches.

-Rhino gave about the sloppiest, most blatent blade job in the history of PPV. I don’t know how it came across on TV, but for anyone on the side of the studio closest to Rhino, there was zero effort on his part to hide the blade and the cut. He was clearly gushing before RVD finished setting up the garbage can.

-Gen Me vs. MCMG was extremely sloppy, a problem that plagues a match so full of outrageous spots. The finish was so complicated to build up, it became a waste.

-Mikie v. Tara coulda been great if it had been in the studio more. The finish was a complete disappointment to everyone in the studio. This feud could be the hottest thing in TNA, in every sense of the word, if they would just let these girls work.

-Abyss v. Pope match was terrible live. Pope is sooo over, but even the most devoted members of the Congregation were let down by the quality of the match. Abyss appeared to jack up his hand punching through the casket, which was hopefully caught on TV, because hardly anyone in the crowd understood what happened until the hole was visible after they got back in the ring. This is another over-the-top gimmicked feud…just let them wrestle. Leave the family out of it. Leave the caskets out of it.

-Crowd popped for Shark Boy’s cameos. With all the stupid gimmicks Bischoff and Russo love using, why not let someone who is over use an original gimmick like this?


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