WWE House Show Results (12/4): Las Vegas, Nevada

Below are results from yesterday’s WWE Supershow house show from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Decent crowd. Arena roughly 85% filled

* Chris Masters b. Tyler Reks Decent first match. Masters received a good pop although I think most of it was attributed to the fact that the crowd was glad to get underway.

* Drew McIntyre b. Chavo Guerrero Good heat on Drew. I was kind of surprised to see him that early in the card. Chavo was definitely well received by the crowd. I saw a ton of Eddie Guerrero shirts no doubt adding to the support Chavo received.

* Alex Riley b. Primo Surprisingly good match. Pretty decent heat for Riley. Primo’s athleticism was beyond impressive. After the match Nexus rushed the aisle and attacked Primo to drum up the heat. The champs cut a nice promo on doing what they want when they want.

* WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel b. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov Great pop for the challengers. Before the match started the Raw GM chimed in and suggested a dance off to which the partisan crowd enjoyed. As Santino and Vlad were finishing up their routine the champs took over. Sanitno did hit the cobra but all for not as Gabriel ended things with the 450 splash. After the match Vlad stormed the ring with a chair and chased off the retreating champs. Great match and definitely go the crowd going. PROMO TIME! Miz came out and cut a promo and was attacked by Edge to set up the main event triple threat. Biggest pop of the night for Edge!

* Kaval b. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match Unbelievably boring match. Started out with what seemed like 10 minutes of back and forth promos. Match seemed to drag and only had the crowds attention at certain times. Intermission (kind of irritating after a very dull match)

* WWE Divas Champion Natalya b. Layla Nice reception for both ladies. Again a little slow to get going with promos and some goofy ball bouncing routine. Sharpshooter ended things and Layla ended up being carried while "crying" out by a WWE staff member. Kinda funny in the end.

* Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston b. Alberto Del Rio & "Dashing" Cody Rhodes Good heat on the heels. Huge pop for the faces. Again (seeing a pattern) too much promo cutting as they were stealing each others apparel. Crowd alive throughout though. Dashing took the 619 to the kisser and that was all she wrote. Nice pair though teaming Alberto and Cody. They definitely seemed more fluid as a team and drummed up more heat than the Drew/Cody team.

* WWE Champion The Miz b. Edge & Edge Barrett in a triple-threat match I honestly think that Miz/Barrett were about the same on the pop/heat meter. Lots of Miz signs (including my daughter) as well as Nexus apparel and signs. Edge definitely was the star though as he again came out to a tremendous pop. I will say this though, Wade Barrett is huge in person. Much taller than on television.

*Interesting side note as it appeared that Mike Rotunda (I.R.S) appeared to be running the show. He was seated at the production booth the entire night watching intently taking notes. I thought he was a road agent but he sure seemed like he was producing. All in all it was an average show. Not to be compared to the live broadcast shows but we did have a pretty loaded card. It just seemed like things were a little slow at times. The music seemed low until after the intermission. This may have been a technical issue that was later worked out.

Most Heat: Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel Alberto Del Rio & "Dashing" Cody Rhodes Drew McIntyre (Honorable Mention tie Miz/Barrett)

Biggest Pop: Edge Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov