EXCLUSIVE: Major Concern For Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution

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Earlier this evening ProWrestling.net and PWInsider.com posted conflicting reports about TNA management having concern for Jeff Hardy backstage at Final Resolution today.

WrestleZone has confirmed there was definitely "100 percent, no doubt about it" concern this afternoon over the condition of Jeff Hardy backstage at the TNA "Final Resolution" pay per view.

"TNA had a decision to make this afternoon. Either send Jeff out to the ring, knowing the example it sets, or send him home and do damage control," a key TNA insider told us, "they are keeping him because that’s the damage control they came up with."

Jeff’s condition backstage, which was described as "another You Tube video ready to happen" is ironic, considering he is scheduled for his next hearing on several drug charges this Wednesday in Moore County, North Carolina.

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