TNA Final Resolution Results – December 5, 2010

TNA Final Resolution

December 5, 2010

Results by Matt Boone for

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Beer Money vs. Ink Inc.

Out first is Inc. Ink with Shannon Moore really playing to the crowd as they come to the ring. Next, as their music sounds, Beer Money make their way to the ring. The bell rings. Match begins. Moore gets into the match early on and performs wildly gaining cheers from the crowd. Neal overshoots James Storm on a high-flying move and dives onto the floor barely touching him. Moore gets an asai moonsault on Robert Roode. Neal attempts a speer but instead is countered with a superkick and a ‘beer money finisher’ for the three count.

Winner: Beer Money

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Mickie James vs. Tara

First out to the ring is the lovely Tara as she rides her motorcycle out to the ring. Tara climbs off the bike and into the ring awaiting her opponent. Out next is Mickie James as her music sounds and she makes her way to the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. The fight starts off in the ring but quickly makes it’s way to the outside. James backdrops Tara onto the concrete with a two count, Tara kicking out just in time. The women make their way into the backstage men’s bathroom. Madison jumps out of one of the bathroom stalls and hits Mickie with the Knockouts Title belt. Tara calls for a referee. Tara pins Mickie for the three count, win.

Winner: Tara

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X Division Title

Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E. (w/ Cookie above the ring)

The cameras cut to ringside area where Cookie is attempting to leave. As she attempts to leave, Shark Boy’s music blares through the speakers and he runs out to the ring and stops Cookie from leaving. Cookie tries to swing at Shark Boy but he ducks under her blow and picks her up onto his shoulders. Shark Boy then puts Cookie inside the shark cage and then gestures for it to be lifted above the ringside area. Lethal and Robbie both make their way to the ring as their music sounds. The bell rings and the match formally begins. Robbie tries to slam Lethal and they bump heads. Cookie throws a chain down to Robbie, but referee Earl Hebner takes it away from him. Cookie then tries to throw down a can of hairspray to the ring for Robbie, but Lethal intercepts it and sprays it at Robbie. Hebner catches Lethal and disqualifies him.

Winner: Robbie E.

After the Match:

Cookie gets back into the ring and begins to pose with the X Division Title belt. Shark Boy sneaks out to the ring once again. Cookie slaps Shark Boy. He then hits a stunner on Cookie and leaves her laying in the middle of the ring.

First Blood Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino


Out first to the ring is Rob Van Dam as his music sounds in the speakers throughout the arena. Van Dam makes his way to the ring awaiting his opponent. Out next is Rhino as his pyro goes off in the arena and his music blares. Both men are in the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Rhino comes out strong taking Van Dam to the mat. They continue to go back and forth for the first serveral minutes of the match. A trash can is brought into the ring. Van Dam stand above Rhino and pulls the trash can back to hit Rhino. Before it connects, Rhino reaches out with a low blow causing Van Dam to drop the trash can and drop to the mat. Rhino gets up and gains a little momentum. Rhino hits RVD with a DDT and then sets up for another with the lid of the trash can but RVD retaliates with a dropkick. RVD sets up Rhino against the can in the corner of the ring. RVD hits the Van Terminator. The referee is called up to check Rhino who is pouring blood, and then calls for the bell. 

Winner: Rob Van Dam

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TNA TV Title

A.J. Styles vs. Douglas Williams


A.J. Styles makes his way to the ring following Douglas Williams. The bell rings and the match begins. Styles comes out strong in the beginning of the match. Styles catches Williams on the top rope. Williams retaliates with several strong punches. Styles is able to knock Williams off the top rope. The match ends up outside of the ring. Williams throws Styles back into the ring. Styles performs a dropkick following a leapfrog on Williams. Styles continues to hold Styles down playing it up for the crowd. Williams gets tangles in the ropes so Styles kicks Williams in the right knee over and over again. Styles applies the figure four in the middle of the ring. Williams is able to roll Styles over several times and break free from the figure four and both men end up outside of the ring. Styles climbs back in the ring, followed by Williams who also enters the ring. Williams hits a nice suplex on Styles for a two count. Williams hits Styles with his own move, the Styles Clash, and then rolls him over for the pin.

Winner: Douglas Williams

TNA Tag-Team Title

Full Metal Meyhem Match

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me


Both teams make their way to the ring as their music sounds in the arena. As the camera zooms to the ring, both TNA Tag Title belts are shown hanging above the ring. All men make their way into the ring, the bell rings and the match begins. Chris Sabin attempts first to get to the belts, the ladder is however knocked over by a member of Generation Me. Alex Shelley tries to fight off Generation Me once again. Lots of back and forth between both teams. Three ladders get set up in the middle of the ring. Generation Me is climbing up one ladder and The Motor City Machine team climb up another ladder. Both teams are fighting at the top of the ladders. Buck blasts Sabin with a nice kick and clears the ring. Shelley attempts to throw a chair at Max Buck while he was being held in the air. Buck catches it, but Shelley performs a codebreaker. More back and forth between both teams. The Guns bring a table inside the ring and set it across the three ladders that are still in the center of the ring. Sabin and Max stand on top of the table. Sabin knocks Buck off the table and through the table in the ring. Sabin grabs the tag belts for the win.

Winner: The Motor City Machine

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D’Angelo Dinero vs. Abyss 


Both men make their way to the ring as their music blares through the speakers in the arena. The bell rings and the match officially begins. Both men come out strong to start the match off. Abyss makes his first attempt to close the casket right after he knocks Pope into it. Pope stops Abyss from closing the casket and is able to get back out and fight once again. A second attempt by Abyss to close the casket but Pope is able to put his hands up to block it. The crowd begins to chant for Dinero as the wrestlers makes their way back into the ring. Pope gaining momentum in the match. Pope hits the DDE and points to the casket telling the crowd it’s time to put Abyss in it. Pope rolls Abyss toward the casket and directly into it. Pope hops to the outside of the ring to close the top on the casket but Abyss punches a hole through the side of the casket and hits Pope. Abyss then chokeslams Pope into the casket and closes the lid for the win.

Winner: Abyss

Submission Match

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe

Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring first as his music sounds in the arena. Out next is Samoa Joe who limped slowly onto the stage, really selling his prior injury. Trainers run to Joe’s side but he waves them off and continues down the ramp to the ring. The crowd begins to chant "Joe’s gonna kill you" as the bell rings and the match begins. The chants quickly turn to a "you sold out" chant at Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett kicks Joe in the knee early. Joe refuses to stand up and tells Jarrett to join him on the mat. Jarrett gets down to Joe’s level and is caught in an arm bar. Joe tries to stop him, but Jarrett reaches for the ropes to break the hold. Jarrett starts to work on Joe’s knee again. Joe is able to kick Jarrett off. Jor catches Jarrett in a leg bar, but Jarrett reaches the ropes again. Joe applies a submission hold at ringside, but the referee wouldn’t count it. Both men make their way back into the ring, Joe applies another submission causing Jarrett to tap, but Jarrett’s leg is under the rope so it doesn’t count. Joe hit the muscle buster followed by a rear naked choke. Gunner and Murphy run out. Joe attempts to fight them off but Jarrett grabs him from behind and applies an ankle lock. Joe grabbed the referee’s shirt in pain and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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TNA Title Match

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan



Special guest referee Mr. Anderson is waiting in the ring. Both men make their way to the ring as their music sounds and they enter the ring. The bell rings and the match begins. Morgan takes early control with several hits to Hardy. Morgan gets a dropping leg on Hardy. Hardy is laying half way out of the ring. The crowd begins to chant "Let’s go Hardy!!" but the other half of the arena retaliates with "Let’s go Morgan" even louder. Morgan hits a twisting slam on Hardy for a two-count. Hardy kicks out just in time and attempts to get back to his feet. Hardy beginning to build momentum hits the Twist of Hate but Morgan is able to kick out. Morgan gets the carbon footprint on Hardy and attempts to cover him, Hardy is able to get his foot onto the bottom rope. Hardy comes back once again with another Twist of Hate, but once again, Morgan is able to kick out. Hardy gets to the top rope and attempts a swanton but Morgan is able to lift his knees just in time. Hardy rolls to ringside and puts up both his middle fingers then starts heading toward the back. Anderson starts the count but then stopped before ten. Anderson went after Hardy and told him to get back in the ring. Anderson punches Hardy and is able to get him back to the ring. Morgan rolled him up for a near fall. Hardy once again hits a Twist of Hate and pins Morgan. Anderson looks at them questioningly and begins to count very slow and refuses to count to three. Both men begin to fight once again and Hardy goes for a fourth Twist of Hate. Morgan is able to push Hardy off of him and ram into Anderson. Morgan hits the carbon footprint and goes for the pin but Anderson is knocked down on the side of the ring. Bischoff rammed Anderson into the ring post. James starts to coun but Bischoff pulls James from the ring. Morgan tells Bischoff to leave. Morgan then places a chair inside hte ring and motions for a chokeslam. Morgan grabs  Hardy by the throat. Hardy is able to kick Morgan and perform another Twist of Hate onto the chair. Hardy makes the cover and Jackson James makes the three count for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy