Randy Orton Moves Past HBK In New WWE Title Statistic

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that with Randy Orton’s most recent title run having come to an end, he has now moved to the number 10 spot in terms of most days spent as WWE Champion. Prior to Orton winning the title, Shawn Michaels was at the number 10 spot and has now moved to number 11. Randy Orton has held the WWE Title for 420 days. The rest of the list is as follows:

9. Randy Savage at 529 days.

8. Steve Austin at 529 days.

7. Triple H at 539 days.

6. Bret Hart at 654 days.

5. John Cena at 947 days.

4. Pedro Morales at 1,027 days.

3. Bob Backlund at 2,138 days.

2. Hulk Hogan at 2,184 days.

1. Bruno Sammartino at 4,040 days.