WWE.com Interviews Lex Luger: Video Game, Cena, HHH

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The following is from WWE.com:

Lex Luger makes a ‘virtual’ return

It’s been more than 15 years since Lex Luger set foot in a WWE ring, but all that will change this holiday season when the legendary Superstar makes his SmackDown vs. Raw debut as a playable character through the latest downloadable content package.

WWE.com called up the co-winner of the 1994 Royal Rumble to talk about his in-game character, his dream opponent and the legacy of Lex Luger.

WWE.com: You’ll be a playable legend in this holiday season’s downloadable content package. Were you involved in the creation of your character?

Lex Luger: I totally trusted THQ on that, but I just got a sneak peek preview and the realism is just incredible.

WWE.com: It must be interesting to see how your character has evolved since your appearance in 1995’s WrestleMania: The Arcade Game.

Luger: Oh yeah, it’s like night and day. I mean not just the technology, but the maneuvers and the different matches and all the alliances you can get involved in. The variety of choices they have now just blows me away.

WWE.com: You’ve had many personas over your career, but it’s the “All-American” Lex Luger that’s featured in the game. What are your memories of that time?

Luger: As far as the highlights of my career, slamming Yokozuna was just phenomenal. Everyone who goes on YouTube or Googles me, they always say, ‘I saw that thing where you slammed that gigantic guy!’ It really was an incredible experience.

WWE.com: You teamed with The British Bulldog during that era. Were you excited to learn that he’s also a part of this package?

Luger: The Allied Powers are back! Isn’t that cool? That’s part of the fun of this game. You’re able to put teams together and get us involved with today’s current Superstars. You can have really classic matchups.

WWE.com: You hung up your boots in 2001. Was there a dream match you never had in your career that you would love to create in this game?

Luger: I guess it would be against some of today’s Superstars. I’d like to see how I’d match up against John Cena or Triple H or Randy Orton.

WWE.com: So how would The Total Package do in a brawl with powerhouses like Kane or Sheamus?

Luger: I like to think I’d hold up pretty well. The athletes are more athletic and the maneuvers are so spectacular, but I’d still have a basic ground attack. I’d have to stick with that, but sometimes simplicity is best.

WWE.com: Plus, once you get them in your patented Torture Rack, it’s all over.

Luger: People tell me that back in the day they loved to pick me in games, because once I got them in the Rack the match was over. You don’t kick out of the Torture Rack, buddy.

WWE.com: We spoke with you about your health issues late last year in a "Where Are They Now?" feature. How have you been feeling since then?

Luger: Thank you for asking. I’m getting more strength and endurance back. I’m able to do more things from my spinal cord injury, which I’m very thankful about. I still continue motivational speaking with guys like The Million Dollar Man. And I have a business called Total Package Fitness out here in Atlanta. We do wellness consultation, exercise, nutrition and supplementation. That’s what I always loved doing.



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