Kurt Angle Reviews WWE’s Current Television Product

TNA star Kurt Angle has posted the following on his Twitter page:

"I truly look a wwe and it’s not the same without shawn, HHH, rock, austin and me. They have incredible talent like ‘Taker, kane and others I thank GOD vince game me a chance, but any talent won’t be is HUGE as we were. I’m not trying to benefit Tna. I love Tna. But wwe needs upper talent. I hope they do it, but when I was in wwe, the talent was incredible. Rey mysterio, cena and orton picked up the slack. But is wwe like it was? Tna has Awesome talent. I Pray we can compete up against the Monster wwe someday. I will do my very best. I loved wwe when I was there-but tna is better for me. I Pray we both succeed incredibly. A big shout out to some of my boys that I forgot to mention in my comment last night, Edge, Y2J, Christian, Eddie and Benoit. Good times!!!"