The Miz Posts New “Miz On Music” WWE Universe Blog

The following is the intro to the latest WWE Universe blog from WWE Superstar The Miz:

The Miz on Music: All hail the DVR

Friday, November 19, 2010 [Miz on Music]

The DVR is the most amazing invention ever. Seeing that I travel all over the place and am rarely home I don’t get to see the shows I normally would watch. However, with DVR it allows me to get all the wonderful shows I love. You might be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with music?” Well Mizfits, I DVR Saturday Night Live and a lot of Late Night Talk Shows which have musical guests on them, so with this MIZ on Music I want to dive into musical performances on TV.

I feel like every time I see a SNL musical performance it’s horrible. They either don’t sound as good as the CD or they are lip singing or they are boring. I can only name two that have blown me away.

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