Jim Ross Blog: WWE Cuts, His WWE Future, Job w/ UFC?

The following are highlights from a new online blog from WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

Jim Ross on WWE roster cuts: “Roster cuts are never fun especially for those that are released or endeavored and for those making the phone calls and relaying the bad news. I hated that aspect of the job but it simply goes with the turf. Only way to do it is respectfully and truthfully. Most folks take it fairly well until a few years later when some of them who need the cash sit down to do the infamous shoot interviews and bury everyone in sight except the person that they see in the mirror. I’ve been gut and quartered on many occasions buy those that I always felt that I treated fairly. Such is life in the wrestling biz in my old role.

“I could see all the individuals that WWE cut on Friday finding success in the wrestling biz if they identify what it is that they are lacking and go to work immediately to address their liabilities. Honestly, a fresh start is often times good medicine as opposed to just existing on the bottom of the roster waiting for someone else to make it happen for you. As the King would say, ‘One can’t grieve forever’ so rise up, develop a plan, and begin to get better at one’s vocation. Take it from me, it isn’t the end of the world. Plus, if you have your health a large part of your battle back is done.”

JR on his future in announcing, possibly even for the UFC: “I don’t think that Monday night was my official ‘send off ‘ from WWE announcing or at least no one told me such. After doing a piece of the Celtics radio broadcast with pal Sean Grande a couple of weeks ago in OKC and with the OU Football and Basketball job coming open next year, I would like to think that I will be doing some broadcasting work before I finally hang it up which will be years from now.

“The UFC upper management people know that I have an interest in their product and I think that my style would fit what they do quite well especially when they begin expanding their roster of broadcasters. Who knows, WWE might want me to do something on an occasional basis but I must point out that there is absolutely no plans to that affect at this time.”

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