(Spoilers) TNA Impact Taping Results For December 2nd

Results courtesy of John Benoit and PWInsider.com …

Dec. 2 Impact Spoilers:

To open Impact Fortune was punishing a ref over last week’s 8 man tag finish. With Flair looking on from the ramp, Matt Morgan came up from behind and put Flair in a headlock and said let the ref go, which Fortune did. Morgan let Flair go to end the segment. During the break it was announced that there will be a 3 way knockout match and that Mr. Anderson is making his return to Impact tonight.

Our 1st match is Douglas Williams vs. Kaz in singles action. Williams beat Kaz with his backwards finisher. It was a good opening bout between two great wrestlers.

We are then shown a backstage segment where Morgan tells Williams great win but then out of nowhere Fortune attacked until TNA officials broke it up.

Up next is an in- ring segment where we finally get hear Devon’s side of the story. Devon comes out to Team 3D music and tells Bubba to get out here and let’s settle this. Bubba eventually shows up walking slowly but stops at the bottom of the ramp. Devon calls Bubba a bully and a coward. He says without him there is no Team 3D, then Devon thanks Taz for signing them to ECW. Bubba calls Taz washed up. Taz then gets a mic and says Bubba stop this and cross the line and get in the ring. Bubba goes off on Taz and Taz says take those f’ing shades and get in the ring. Devon says Shannon Moore is right, Bubba is a douchebag. The crowd starts a douchebag chant and says the only reason why they lasted so long is because of Devon. Devon says there is an old saying that if yo u want some come get some and goes after bubba. Bubba grabs So Cal Val and throws her into Devon and Bubba runs backstage to end the segment. Awesome segment by Devon and must see when it airs.