*Spoilers:* Complete WWE Smackdown Results For This Week

Results courtesy of PWInsider.com:

Dark Match – Caylen Croft beat Luke Gallows

Superstars – Chavo beat JTG after a frog splash

Superstars – Trent Baretta defeated Curt Hawkins

Alberto Del Rio opened the show with a promo, slamming the Legends and talking about beating Sergeant Slaughter Monday night.  MVP came out to take up for the legends.  Del Rio told MVP that the reason he likes the legends is that he’ll never be one, while Del Rio already is one..  MVP challenged Del Rio to a match, but Del Rio said no, because MVP "couldn’t handle him".  Del Rio said that since MVP wants a fight, he can fight one of Del Rio’s teammates on Sunday, Drew McIntyre.  MVP beat McIntyre after hitting the Drive-By.

Edge had a backstage bit taunting Paul Bearer, who was still tied up and in the wheelchair.  I couldn’t hear what he was saying, though, because the audio isn’t very good at the arena.  After commercial, Kane tore up Teddy Long’s office screaming "where is he?"  I guess he thought that Teddy knew where Edge was keeping Paul Bearer.

Jack Swagger defeated Chris Masters with the anklelock in a short match.  This was followed by another Edge-Paul Bearer vignette.

Kaval was in the ring, and Dolph Ziggler came out cutting a promo on him about all his "internet fans" think he’s "special", but Dolph’s going to show them that he’s not. Kaval beat Dolph Ziggler in the match that followed, and then reminded Dolph that he was the season 2 NXT champion, and the champion got a championship match at a PPV of his choosing.  He then announced he was going to face Dolph for the Intercontinental title at Survivor Series.