Live Fan Report From WWE’s Old School Edition of Raw

Thanks to Costas M for sending in the following:

I attended Monday Night RAW Old School last night at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania and the show turned out to be great. The arena was about 90% full, and some of the top Balcony was tarped off. There was no ramp at the main entrance stage where the wrestlers enter, it was just flat ground. Entire arena was themed for Old School and it sure felt like it was a taped RAW event back in the 90’s.

Mean Gene Okerlund got a good reaction when he opened the show, as did Cowboy Bob Orton – until he started mocking John Cena and Wade Barrett, and how his son Randy is better then both of them. Wade Barrett came out next to a ton of heat from the audience, as did The Miz following him. Most of the arena went nuts when John Cena appeared on the Titantron, but while he was speaking, a "Cena Sucks" chant broke out. The crowd was pleased to hear that the Miz would wrestle Cena later tonight.

First match of the night was Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero vs. "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry. He was dressed and themed like chocolate because we were in Hershey. Not sure if thats his new gimmick or not. Ziggler got no reaction, most of the heat was directed at Vickie. Mark Henry got a huge reaction, especially after he was announced as "Sexual Chocolate". Pretty good match, the audience seemed to be into this one.

After the promo on the Titantron, the Tag Team match was next between The Hart Dynasty and Slater and Gabriel. The Nexus members got some heat while the Hart Dynasty had no reaction from the crowd. Pretty solid match, fans got into it after Tyson Kidd turned on David Hart Smith. But it seemed to be pretty obvious and the audience didnt really care that much.

Howard Finkel comes out to a huge ovation and introduces the Brooklyn Brawler, who got a very little reaction from the crowd. Surprisingly Ezekial Jackson got a decent reaction. Obvious squash match, before I blinked the match was already over.

John Cenas match was next and got a big reaction from most of the girls and younger kids, but there were a lot of "boos" as well. The Miz got a mixed reaction but there were a lot of fans for him in Hershey. When Alex Riley was his replacement, the arena gave a lot of heat and lost interest for the match. Many "Cena Sucks" chants could be heard again. Orton ran in after the match and get a lot of cheers, until Nexus entered. Fans wanted to see Orton and Cena brawl it out, but were pretty upset after security broke them up.

Segment with Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff was next and they got a lot of heat. Santinos music hit and him and Kozlov entered with the fans on their side.Typical Santino segment, crowd got a kick out of it. Next was the tag team match.

The Usos came out and had NO REACTION whatsoever, but as soon as Jimmy Snuka entered, the arena went nuts. Match was ok, nothing amazing. Sheamus ran in and interfered along with John Morrison. Crowd was really into it.

David Otunga had a little reaction while Kofi Kingston was favorited by the crowd. Arena got a kick out of George the Animal Steeles random appearance, and they went nuts after he broke the turnbuckle. Kingston won and the crowd was happy.

Wade Barretts match against R Truth was boring. The crowd didnt like it and R Truth had no pop at all, even during the entrance. Barrett got heat again. Pretty boring match. No one cared that match.

Next was Tito Santana and Chavo Classic (who got no reaction) introducing Alberto Del Rio. For some reason, the audience gave Del Rio a HUGE POP. Besides Cena, Del Rio had the biggest pop of the night so far. Del Rio was in the ring talking and the fans went crazy again after Sgt. Slaughter entered and challenged him. Good match, Del Rio won and continued to attack Sgt. Slaughter until MVP made a random appearance and got the save. Crowd was confused but happy.

Mae Young had a big reaction when she came out. After LayCool interrupted her, the audience went crazy after Young called LayCool "sluts" and "b*tches". All the Divas came out to help, and Mae Young won. Good segment, audience loved it.

Jim Ross enters the building and gets a huge ovation, but Cole seems to be pissed off. Daniel Bryan got a small reaction and Jack Swagger had NO reaction. Pretty odd considering that back when Smackdown came in April, Swagger got booed out of the arena, and tonight he didnt get a single reaction from anyone (except me haha). Crowd didnt like this match and seemed bored. This seemed like the "Intermission" match because many got up and went to the Concession stands, etc.

Roddy Piper got a very big POP from the audience. Fans loved him. Cena came out to a mixed reaction again and Orton got a lot of cheers as well. Barrett was booed. Good ending to the show, there was no Dark Match afterwords. Cena left the arena, and Orton RKO’ed Barrett (not sure if they went off the air already). Orton shook hands with the crowd and Justin Roberts wished us a good night.

Overall it was an excellent show. The fans loved it and the turnout was great. But there were many fans who cared more about the Eagles game and wouldnt stop yelling the score throughout the whole show haha.

Biggest Pops:

John Cena

Randy Orton

Roddy Piper

Alberto Del Rio (sounds ironic)

Biggest Heat:

Wade Barrett

The Miz