Goldberg Responds To Triple H’s Hall of Fame Comment

Former WWE and WCW superstar, Bill Goldberg, recently responded to Triple H’s comments about him possibly being inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

During a promotional trip to Atlanta for WrestleMania 27 over the weekend, Triple H mentioned Goldberg as one of his least favorite opponents.  He was also asked about rumors of Bill Goldberg being in the next class of Hall of Fame inductees and said that Goldberg was trying to get into the Hall of Fame.  Furthermore, Hunter added that if there were any rumors of a Goldberg comeback, it was probably Bill who started them. 

As far as the actual idea of Goldberg being inducted, Triple H said that he had hardly wrestled enough to be considered for induction.  Goldberg responded via his twitter: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  They do have a point if induction is based on tenure…" 

"They" is probably referring to Triple H and Shawn Michaels, who was also in Atlanta to help promote WrestleMania.