EXCLUSIVE: TNA Now Serious About Concussions; Major Details

WrestleZone has confirmed through several sources that TNA President Dixie Carter has had at least one conversation with Chris Nowinski, who as many of you know founded the Sports Legacy Institute, an organization that has teamed up with Boston University School of Medicine to research the long-term effects of concussions.

Currently, over 100 professional athletes have donated or pledged to donate, after death, their brains to the organization for use in their research, including soccer player Cindy Parlow and Ravens offensive lineman Matt Birk.

Tonight, several wrestlers at the TNA iMPACT tapings in Orlando confirmed to WrestleZone that the word going around was that Dixie herself pulled Ken Anderson from his scheduled match against Jeff Hardy in Nashville over the weekend because Anderson’s doctor warned he wasn’t "100 percent healed" from his head trauma yet.

Apparently, after a discussion with Nowinski, the TNA President has ordered the creative staff to be more judicious with head shots that are scripted into the shows.