WWE House Show Results (11/14): Istanbul, Turkey

WWE Live Event (Istanbul, Turkey)

Report by Taha Ercoskun and ProWrestling.net

For the first time ever, WWE produced a house show in Turkey and I wanted to inform all Prowrestling.Net readers. It was good to see WWE in Istanbul. The arena was nearly full and crowd’s reaction was great. The show started with usual Chavito match.

1. Chris Masters defeated Chavo Guerrero. Masters won when he applied Masterlock and Chavo passed out.

2. Dolph Ziggler with Kaval to retain the Intercontinental Title. Surprisingly, Ziggler got the face reaction and Kaval was shocked about that. Ziggler won via Zig Zag.

3. MVP defeated Tyler Reks with a boot to his head. MVP got a huge reaction from crowd. You can see a footage at http://bit.ly/cdWGbI.

4. Kane defeated Big Show to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. Although Kane got some cheers, Big Show was the babyface of this match. Kane pinned Big Show with a DDT. After the match, Kane went for a Chokeslam, but Big Show chokeslammed him instead.

5. Kelly Kelly defeated Layla. Kelly got a huge reaction. Layla tried to get some cheers but she failed.

6. Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger (w/Swagger Soaring Eagle). Only a few boys cheered for Swagger. His mascot realized that and pointed out those boys with his finger, or his paw, whatever (I know that was a silly joke and I couldn’t even make a true sentence). Kofi pinned Swagger after a Trouble in Paradise.

7. Edge, Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart defeated Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio. Hart applied Sharpshooter on Del Rio for the win. Mysterio got booed for no reason. During the match, Del Rio’s butt was shown. In a moment, Mysterio’s head was exposed but he got the mask on pretty quick. After the match, Edge apologized for the cancelled show (because of Eyjafjallajökull eruption) and said that WWE will come back to Turkey. Overall, it was a good show. By the way, Diego Alfredo Lugano Moreno was there with his son.


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