TNA House Show Results (11/13): Dalton, Georgia

TNA Live Event (Dalton, Ga.)

Report by Jason Hawkins and

I would estimate the attendance to be around 600. Very enthusiastic crowd that reacted in the desired fashion all night.

Don West was working the arena floor as the doors opened. He did a really good job of selling merchandise as there was a steady line at the table all night. He was very nice and personable when I talked with him. The Motor City Machineguns were also at the table and were super cool guys. They had a ramp and set that resembled the old ECW house show entrance. Great lighting and sound systems in place.

Jeremy Borash warmed up the crowd with the backstage passes bit that always gets the fans on their feet and noisy.

1. Eric Young defeated AJ Styles. They did the bit where AJ didn’t want fans backstage and the stipulation was set if Eric wins, the passes get handed out, if AJ won, the passes would not be given to fans. Eric won with a roll up in a good, solid opener that saw AJ hit all of his trademark moves.

2. Madison Rayne defeated Velvet Sky to keep the Knockouts Title.

3. Abyss defeated Rob Terry. These guys are both HUGE in person. Match was pretty basic with a lot of punching, kicking, and power moves but both guys tried really hard.

4. Motor City Machineguns defeated Beer Money and Ink, Inc in a three-way TNA World Tag Team Title match when Shelley pinned Roode. Excellent match with all of the great signature spots. All six guys came ready to work mode and the crowd was really hot for the entire match.

Up next was a 20 minute intermission that included Madison Rayne signing autographs at the merchandise table.

5. Jeff Jarrett defeated Samoa Joe. Good back and forth match with Joe on offense a great deal. Jarrett did the low blow mule kick and then hit the Stroke for the clean win.

6. Jeff Hardy beat "The Pope" D’Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA World Title. Pope was cheered, but the cheers for Hardy were overwhelming. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate to win clean after around 15 minutes of action.

After the show Jeremy Borash, the Motor City Macuineguns, Beer Money, Jesse Neal, Abyss, Rob Terry, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Young signed autographs withthe fans at ringside. Jeff Hardy did the $20 photos in the ring with the belt and was doing HUGE business.

Notes: Great evening and wonderful atmosphere. In 30 years of attending wrestling shows, this was the most fun and fan friendly I have ever been to. All of the guys seemed really appreciative of the support they received and they hyped that TNA will return to Dalton again.


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