WWE House Show Results (11/10): Brussels, Belgium

Thanks to Skipp for sending this in:

Match 1: MVP def. Tyler Reks

[ MVP was way over with the fans ]

Match 2: Finlay def. Drew McIntyre

[ some decent ‘u suck’ chants toward Drew ]

Match 3: Intercontinental Title Match – Fatal four way:

Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston, Kaval & ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes

[ Fans loved Kofi ]

Match 4: Natalya def. Layla

[ decent pop for the sharpshooter ]

Match 5: Edge & Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio & Jack Swagger (with Eagle)

[ Big suprise Edge was in Brussel! Loud ‘619’ and ‘Spear’ chants ]

Match 6: David Hart Smith, Tyson Kid & Bret Hart def. Nexus ( Husky Harris, Heath Sleater & David Otunga) with Justin Gabriel

[ DH Smith & Tyson are really good in the ring, everybody was cheering for Bret ]

Match 7: Chris Masters def. Chavo Guerrero

[ Why isn’t Master getting a push, the fans loved him! ]

Main Event: World Heavyweight Title Match:

Big Show def. World Heavyweight  Champion Kane by DQ

Nexus ran in and beat up Big Show, then…

McIntyre, Rhodes, Ziggler and Guerrero ran in and beat up Big Show… then

Kofi, Masters, MVP & Hart Dynasty ran in and beat up the heels.


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