(Spoilers) TNA Impact Taping Results For Nov. 18th

TNA Impact taping (Orlando, Fla.)

Report by A.R. and ProWrestling.net

Ric Flair came out and called out Matt Morgan. He informed Morgan that he’ll get another shot at Hardy, but that Flair would be the special referee and that Morgan would have to face Flair tonight. Flair berated Morgan for looking to the crowd for support (the audience accepting Morgan’s still-new face identity) and to keep his eyes on God (Flair).

A video package was shown to with Raven in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s office setting up a scenario of Raven’s career on the line vs. Jeff Hardy.

Another video showed Tara walk up to Generation Me and say that she’ll be watching their match VERY closely tonight, slapping both on the ass as they left.

1. Robbie E, Cookie, and Generation Me defeated Jay Lethal, Velvet Sky, and the Motor City Machineguns. Max Buck used The Shore’s spray tan bottle on Chris Sabin.

A video played that showed Jeff Jarrett talking to his two security guards and saying that because of his newfound submission prowess, he’d be doing an MMA demonstration with six of his students. He said they needed to keep Kurt Angle out of the building by any means necessary. Jeremy Borash was assaulted by Jarrett for being like the fans who look down at Jarrett and say that he’s sold out.

Double-J MMA demonstration: Jarrett proceeded to demonstrate four submission holds on four of his six students, with the crowd displaying no interest whatsoever. Samoa Joe’s music hit, and he called Jarrett a “Sad, silly, son of a bitch.” Jarrett said that he has two students left, so if Joe could make them tap, Jarrett will face Joe in a submission match tonight. It took Joe all of 45 seconds to handle the two students, with Jarrett running away saying “Not tonight” to the camera.

2. Jeff Hardy defeated Raven. Tommy Dreamer, Brian Kendrick and Stevie Richards supported Raven as Hogan fired him, with Dreamer saying that he has nothing but respect for Raven after losing so many fights to him. In a segment stated to be off camera, Dreamer asked the fans to never stop supporting wrestlers that have lost their jobs.