*Spoilers:* Complete TNA Impact Results For 11/11/10

Results Source: ProWrestling.net

TNA Impact taping

Orlando, Fla. at Universal Studios

Report by Dot Net reader A.R.

Immortal (Abyss, Jarrett, Bischoff, Flair, and Fortune) entered with a new theme and video that evokes a remixed version of Hulk Hogan’s current theme with Coliseum visuals in a white/gold motif. A trash can was brought inside the ring and the members proceed to congratulate each other over their dominance at Turning Point.

Jeff Hardy and Hogan are brought in. Hogan had a "surprise" for Hardy. The lights went out and a new championship belt descended from the ceiling. Hogan said he usually doesn’t take out the trash, but he threw the old title belt into the trash can, saying it represents Dixie Carter’s TNA.


The Pope appeared in the crowd and he was enraged at Eric Bischoff over buying off the congregation at Turning Point. He promised to put Bischoff in a casket and throw him off the stage. Samoa Joe appeared at the far corner of the impact zone and threatened Jarrett. Rob Van Dam appeared at the announce booth and said that now that he knows the EV2 is the happy family he thought it was, he’s coming after Hardy tonight for his championship.

Matt Morgan entered from the main ramp and, while he agreed that RVD should get a title shot, Morgan felt he should receive another chance due to the circumstances at Turning Point. He carried on with an emotional moment of how he used to worship the ground Hogan walked upon, but that’s over now.


Bischoff said that RVD will be the No. 1 contender if he can defeat Kazarian tonight, and announced that he and Immortal were leaving to create a "battle plan" for tonight.