JR Blog: Lawler Update, Nash/WWE Rumors, His Future, More

Jim Ross has updated his blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:

"The King missed a rare, Monday night Raw this week from Manchester, England with a severe infection that came as a result of a knee injury. Jerry is getting a daily dose of antibiotics via an IV and hopes to be feeling better soon. He told me Monday that his knee felt better and that an expert physician in infections was addressing the King’s condition. The King doesn’t have staph infection as I understand it which is good news. Jerry is very resilient and I’m relatively confident that he will be back on the air when Raw does their three hour, Old School broadcast."

"Sunday I had the privilege of being a part of the Boston Celtic Radio broadcast with my friend and the NBA’s best PXP guy, Sean Grande. My brief stint in the booth with Sean received some amazingly positive feedback which is always nice. Broadcasting a portion of the NBA game made me realize that I have not lost my desire to continue as a on air talent if and when the opportunity arises. Hopefully, the OU Football radio job will be a possibility next year even though I realize that I’m likely a long shot. As I always say, never stop dreaming, never say never or willingly take one’s self out of the game."

"Many are asking what the future holds for Kevin Nash. I have no idea and that’s a question for Kevin but what ever it is won’t include him being in any financial dilemmas or rehabs. Kevin was always a bright guy and an athlete who I enjoyed helping get noticed when we did our ‘Wrestling with Jim Ross’ radio show on AM750 WSB in Atlanta back in the early 90’s. BTW Kevin was on the same high school all state basketball team in Michigan with Ervin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Could Nash finish up his wrestling career in WWE? Sounds possible to me but I’m not in that loop."