WWE Raw Results (11/8): UK Edition, Ten Man Tag Match

Thanks to Marcus Christie for sending in the following:

Just back from Raw tapings in Manchester – Excellent show

Firstly it was Michael Cole and Josh Matthews are on commentary.  Before show started John Cena was in the ring giving Wade Barrett some homecoming frount. All based around the Survivor Series.  They were going on about how Wade would win. Upon going to much into is and Giving David Otunga a bit of heat Randy Orton Came out and gave a bit of heat back to Wade, firstly the anonymous general manager booked a match of Nexus V Randy and 4 other stars. And he made John Cena Special Referee.

1. The Bella Twins and Eve V Maryse, Alicia Fox, and Tamina. They were wearing Soccer shirts (manchester United) for Bella’s and Eve And Liverpool FC for Maryse, Alicia & Tamina (Bella’s & Eve won)

2. The Uso Brothers V The Hart Dynasty. Still friction between The Hart Dynast – The Uso brothers got the win.

David Otunga V John Cena was put forward for a match by Wade Barrett. Oyunga being left much alone by other Nexus Members

3. Goldust V Ted DiBiase  Aksana – Goldust Win and Asana runs off with the Million $ Belt.

The Miz made clear to Randy Orton he was on his team tonight.

4. John Cena V    David Otunga. Cena won with the STF. Nexus walked off before the win

Barret made a match for Otunga to go against Edge on Smackdown. If he loses then Otunga gets Kickked out of Nexus

Santino Marella hosted a tea party  with Sheamus. There was a good few onliners in this, with Kozlov getting some good reaction from the crowd. Very funny and worth watching. Ended up beinga match between Santino and Shemus. Santino hit Shemus below the belt for DQ and John Morrison helped Santino after a beat down from Shemus.

Backstage segment Barret explained that if he wins, then Nexus would leave Cena alone.

6. The Nexus V Randy Orton, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and R-Truth Nexus won the match after Alex Rileyhit Orton with the Money in the Bank briefcase behind Cena’s back.

DARK MATCH – Wade Barrett V Randy Orton V Shemus.


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