ROH Owner Cary Silkin Speaks Out On Glory By Honor IX

Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin has posted the following blog over at

"Very rarely in life does a big event ever really exceed the anticipation of its dramatic build-up. I can tell you–be it a Super Bowl, a long-awaited concert, a World Series game, or a personal event–from personal experience, that those rare events that I count down the days to, usually are let-downs compared to what I’d invariably tell myself it would be like.

This was the not the case this past weekend when Ring of Honor hit back-to-back home runs. The first shot was a mammoth debut in Plymouth, Massachusetts in a great building that housed 600 fans who were starving for some great pro wrestling. As usual, despite the fact we had an Internet pay-per-view the next day, everyone worked their ass off and we are happy to announce our return there December 17. I want to thank everyone who pitched in to make this a success and allowing us to build up this market. The second shot was, literally, the shot heard ’round the world! New York City. The pressure was on. And when it was all over and the dust had cleared, it felt so good to be able to pull off such an amazing show. Sure, there were some issues. They’re being addressed. But it was, for the most part, a night of pure magic, one of the greatest nights, I dare say, of Pro Wrestling ever!

So we came home and basked, for but precious moments, in a sense of pride and glory. But that faded quick and the work has started anew. The next show is always on our mind. In this case, it’s October 15 in Dayton, Ohio. Then it’s on to Chicago Ridge the next night. How can we achieve even a semblance of that kind of magic in other arenas across the country? That’s what is first and foremost on our minds. We can talk all we want about what has to be done, what WILL be done, to make Ohio/Illinois just as good if not better. Then comes November and that means Dearborn/Ontario. The road goes on forever and the party never ends. That’s our job.

We wish Tyler Black the best of luck in his journey. He deserves it. I never saw a person work harder, and with his attitude the sky’s the limit.


We thank you if you were there live or if you watched it at home. We hope to see you real soon."