Recap Of Foley/Dreamer Post-HardCORE Justice Live Q&A

Kelcey Coe and wrote the following report …

I was a first-time TNA visitor as well as my first PPV. What’s important to know is the event ended with us singing along to “Enter the Sandman” by Metallica and one of the Dudley Boys yelling “F— it, let’s hear it one more time, E-C-W.” The cameras were actually off by then so it’s not in the show. I guess the televised show ended when they brought Dixie Carter into the ring.

Being a VIP member I got to sit in on the 30-minute or so Q&A at the end. This was awesome in that fans got to ask Tommy Dreamer and Mick Foley questions (me being one) and this session was recorded and will be on the DVD. My question to Dreamer and Foley was (after announcer guy told me to say it another way) “Who’s your favorite wrestler to watch?” (originally: Who’s your favorite wrestler of all time).

I did pat that announcer guy on the shoulder and asked if I could thank them for the PPV and he said sure. He seemed nice but with an impersonal attitude – you know he’s seen so many fans he’s lost his touch in social life outside the world of entertainment and recorded life (so he’s kind of stuck up but isn’t).

Anyway, Dreamer said his favorite was Dusty Rhodes, then he said Hulk Hogan, and a couple of WCW wrestlers. Foley explained how Undertaker’s music gave him goosebumps, but he loved Rey Mysterio and Undertaker and a few others from WWE I couldn’t remember. There’s no guarantee, I’m sure, my question will make it on the DVD but we can only hope.

During this time, Bill Alfonso came out shirtless drinking water (Zepherillys by the looks of it – TNA definitely isn’t very rich) and someone kept taking photos of him and he waved them a couple times to stop. The highlight of my night, what put icing on the cake, was getting the opportunity to shake hands with Tommy Dreamer and thank him (he was still bloody and it stained the lines of his skin) as they were kicking us out about midnight due to legal issues with the use of the building.

That to me is just as good as a photo with him. Dreamer also said of his regrets was having four women in a hotel room while being married. But to tell you the truth, as many people say that wrestlers are big, Tommy has muscles but he isn’t bigger than a high school football player. When you see him beside Hogan on Impact you’ll see what I mean.