Booker T Speaks On TNA/ECW Reunion, A WWE/TNA Return

The following are some quotes from a recent Booker T interview on The LAW radio show in Canada:

On the ECW reunion: I know a lot of the ECW guys – RVD is literally my best friend and we’re really tight and doing the ECW thing, it’s a nostalgia thing but it’s not done the right way and more importantly not done for the right reasons and it’s done for a TV rating and that’s not what they need to be focusing on. The ratings will come if you put your time into the product and stay on the grind when it comes to focusing on where you’re trying to go as opposed to coming in and figuring it out on the fly and it all goes back to having a staff that is coming up with different ideas and you can bounce them off wrestlers who have been in the ring wrestling, that can go up top and give it a ‘yea’ or ‘nay’. You’ve got to be able to agree to disagree without having animosity and have egos involved when you’re trying to run a business and when I was there it didn’t feel like it was being run like we really wanted to win and I’m not saying I wanted to beat WWE but I wanted to be the best wrestling company out there and it has nothing to do with WWE.

On a return to a big company: I would not say that I won’t be in the big spotlight again – I’ve got some stuff brewing just keep your ears open and maybe coming up real soon. Booker T. is not over yet, I’m still going to go out there and perform like I said, do my thing, like I always do and make my fans jump.

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