More on Y2J’s Warrant, TNA Runs a Bisexual Bit at Impact

TMZ has updated the Chris Jericho/warrant story by noting that after Jericho paid his fine, the warrant issued for his arrest was recalled. is reporting that TNA ran a controversial angle at last night’s Impact taping when prior to his match, Orlando Jordan kissed a man before entering the ring. Apparently, Jordan came to the ring escorted by both a man and a woman, and prior to entering the ring he kissed both of them.

According to the report, several people backstage in TNA were not happy with the angle and felt that TNA was going too far. Sources think that something like that might turn off SpikeTV viewers as the network is geared towards programming for men.

It should be noted that prior to Jordan’s release from WWE back in 2006, there was talk of having Jordan participate in some type of bisexual angle that would have involved former TNA Knockout Trinity. The idea was initially offered by Jordan himself as he lives a bisexual lifestyle outside of professional wrestling.