Report: Another TNA Knockout In Danger of Being Released

Several news sites have been reporting that TNA Knockout Lacey Von Erich may be on her way out of TNA.

I spoke with a source earlier today who has confirmed rumors that the TNA Knockout is on "thin ice" with the company. Apparently, TNA officials have soured on Von Erich as a member of The Beautiful People.

When Von Erich was brought into TNA, management was aware that her wrestling skills were lacking, however they thought her looks would be good enough to keep The Beautiful People a hot commodity on Impact even though Angelina Love had been released.

The hope was that Von Erich would continue to train and her wrestling skills would develop, and that in the meantime she would get over well in The Beautiful People because she is very attractive. However, TNA officials feel that Von Erich is not progressing well at all, and since The Beautiful People are not getting over as well as TNA had hoped, there is little need for Von Erich in TNA at this time. It is likely she will be departing TNA in the near future, although nothing has been confirmed at this point.