Celebrity Receives a TNA Tryout, Update on Booker T/WWE

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Booker T has been telling people close to him that he has signed a deal with WWE and will be heading to the Raw brand. The last we reported, it was said that negotiations between him and WWE were dead at this point, so there seem to be conflicting reports on this one.

PWTorch.com is reporting that former Big Brother star Jessie Godderz received a tryout match with TNA at the last set of Impact tapings. Apparently Godderz got some attention from WWE awhile back when they showed interest in signing the bodybuilder, however nothing came of it when he worked out at FCW. Dixie Cater has apparently taken an interest in him, and per her request he was given a tryout match. Carter wanted to see how he performed in the ring prior to signing him to any kind of deal, and he reportedly received mixed reviews based on his performance. No word at this time as to whether or not TNA has offered him a contract.