More on the WM25 Buyrate, ESPN Takes a Shot at Piven/Raw


One of the main reasons why Wrestlemania 24 drew less than this year’s PPV is that WWE had more overhead costs in producing the show last year. Wrestlemania 24 was run in Florida’s Citrus Bowl, and a lot of money was spent making the venue look good for TV, including set costs, lights, etc. Additionally, a locker room needed to be built for the wrestlers as there were no adequate facilities there for the talent to use.

Jeremy Piven was a topic of discussion on yesterday’s broadacast of ESPN SportsNation. One question asked on the show was "Does Jeremy Piven know anything about WWE?" Host Michelle Beadle noted that the Raw show Piven hosted was met with mostly negative reviews and that the actor came across as knowing little about the product considering he made the now infamous Summerfest mistake.