Fan Report: Triple H Shows Class After Raw Goes Off The Air

The following was sent in by reader, Mark Drakeford, who attended Monday Night Raw last night in Charlotte:


I have been a fan of wrestling for a long time.  I’ve gone to ever wwe live event within a 100 mile radius of charlotte for the last 5 years.  Before that I traveled to the nearest location wherever Raw or smackdown was being held.  I can honestly say tonights RAW was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  I’ve been a fan since I was little.  I’m now 30+ and I still turn into a kid when I go to live events.  I saw something tonight in charlotte that made me more of a fan of Triple H than I ever was before. 

It had nothing to do with wrestling or politics or simply getting over with the fans.  It was pure class.  After the matches HHH threw a T-shirt into the stands.  As usual a crowd scambled to get the T-shirt.  Of course, someone managed to get it.  However, there was a small kid around 10-12 that got caught up in the melee.  The kid was knocked down and started crying and laying on the floor.  The entire time this was happening HHH didn’t take his eyes off the situation.  He immediately went straight threw the crowd to the little boy, picked him up and took him back into the ring. 

He then gave the boy a pep talk and motioned him to pose with him around the ring.  They went around the ring posing.  The boy was so happy you would have thought it was Christmas.  Any pain he may have felt or no matter how upset he may have been, this definitely made up for it.  HHH then took the boy back, circled around the ring and then came back to the boy to make sure he was OK.  This to me was a class act and made me a fan of the person along with being a fan of the wrestler.  Props to HHH! Just my 2 cents.

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