Video: Mick Foley Does Parody Of Hulk Hogan On Adult Swim

Mick FoleyJ.H. sent along the following:

Mick Foley voiced a character on Sunday Night’s episode of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim show Squidbillies. The character was a professional wrestler that beats up the father squid and then the son squid has to go on steroids to fight him.

The character looked similar to Hulk Hogan, was named Thunder Clap (like Thunderlips), and was going through a messy divorce.

It didn’t sound like Foley at first because of voice effects, but as the episode went on you could tell it was him. He sounded like Foley doing a Cactus Jack promo. He wasn’t listed in the credits, but that may be because most Adult Swim shows are non-union so members of SAG or AFTRA are either uncredited or use a pseudonym.

Foley first appears at 3 minutes into the episode. The episode is about 12 minutes long and can be viewed here at