First Batch of Monday Night Raw WZ Reader Feedback

The following is WZ reader feedback from last night’s Monday Night Raw broadcast. If you would like to send in your thoughts, please email us at!

The following is from Michael

Last nights raw was great by alot of standards, I may be the only one to say this but vickie bought alot of character to the wwe, a much needed thing on the non wrestling side of the house, dare I say she was as good as Randy Orton at being a heel!  It’s a shame to see her go as I enjoyed seeing what she had planned week after week, but I’m in the military and I understand the need to be with family more than anyone, so I would like to say thank you vickie and have fun with your family.


The following is from Anthony

Tonight’s Raw was very surprising. I knew that Batista was going to get hurt in some sort of way due to his torn biceps muscle but i didnt know that it would be HHH that would be returning. The first name that came to mind was Shawn Michaels. After the Edge and Vickie segment something crossed my mind;could this be the start of an Edge face turn? As far as John Cena and Big Show i think that they should settle that rivalry in a Hell in a Cell match at the Bash. That’s also the match i think will end the Orton/HHH feud. I have no idea where they are going with the Batista storyline but i guess we’ll all have to just wait and see. Finally i have an idea who should replace Vickie Guerrero as general manager of Raw; Mike Adamle! I mean it was Orton who made Adamle quit as GM in the first place and hiring Adamle would just make Raw more interesting and maybe this could start a trend of hell for Randy Orton.


The following is from Brad

Thank God Vickie FINNALY stepped away from wrestling.  She was gawd aweful on the camera and an obomination to all wrestling fans.  Who will be the new gm?  Who knows maybe by next week we’ll get somebody fresh, that move alone made that night a 7 out of 10 stars.  What could possibly bring it higher?  How about Legacy getting back in the title hunt against the lackluster team of the Colon’s, I mean they are a great team and all but they lack well rounded charisma like the MIz and Morrison had.  Speaking of the Miz, great job by whom I thought of years ago as the worst personality on TV, now I want to see the Miz beat Cena very badly, the look on his face when the Big Show got back up=PRICELESS!  Finally what made this night 8/10 was the fact that Dave Roidtista was sent in the ambulance and returned in the form of the Game!!!  If there was a 10 countout I would have boycotted Raw, but the game brought my interest back and made all those years of Orton

beatdowns worth it.


The following is from Ryon

Well over all it was ok. But for me the wwe should have announced a wwe title tournament at the Bash instead of Orton winning by forfeit. With this, they should have dramaticaly crowned a new never before champion, possibly…..Morrison (fake ECW title doesn’t count in my book, heyman is the true ECW owner), Dibiase or even Matt Hardy. One other thing, it sure was nice to see the 3 hottest wwe divas in one setting….Maryse, mickie and kelly, although these ladies have nothing on the beautiful people especially ANGELINA LOVE…… her! 

P.S. I can smell a quick TNA turnound coming. With possible debut of Taz and now possibly Kennedy, Umaga or Vickie?

Nick’s Note: Just to respond real quick, Orton is NOT the WWE Champion coming out of Raw last night. The match was ruled a "no contest" and Batista is still the champ.


The following is from Hope

This is Hope Key I am a resident of Lafayette and also was in attendance at last night Raw’s show. Overall it was a great show and the crowd was hot all not. I must say the only time the arena was quiet was during the WWE Superstars match with the Bella Twins and those others girls you could here a pin drop. I did not notice how over John Cena actually is the crowd actually went nuts but he deserves every bit of it. The most intense part of the night was when Vickie Guerrero came out they had a funny sign that read "Vickie Guerrero has swine flue." This woman is truly a natural on the mic I could not here a word that she was saying because the crowd was against her so much the chemistry she had with the audience dislike of her was unbelievable. Triple H returning was a big surprise we are all waiting to see if Batista would come back and then all of a sudden Triple H steps out of the ambulance. When Triple H and Randy Orton fought in the crowd people were jumping over their chairs to get closer it was bananas. The funniest part of the show had to be the Santino Marello segment it seems as though WWE just put a bunch of random odd laughable superstars together the way Santino acts "feminine" is so funny our section was laughing the whole time. One more thing the way the Miz tries to promote his self is embarrassing I feel sorry for the superstars who have to interact or work with him hopefully it is his "character on WWE" because he has no mic skills and also no talent he should go back to participating in the Road Rules and Real World Challenges.
Biggest Pop
Triple H
John Cena
Kofi Kingston (surprisingly)
Biggest Heat
Vickie Guerrero (you could not even here her the crowd was booing so loud)
Randy Orton
Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase
William Regal

The following is from Brandon

Hello My name is Brandon from good old Cincinnati,Oh. I thought raw was a decent show last nite but didnt seem to flow well, Lilian Garcia saying that Kofi Kingston was the IC Champion instead of the United staes champion. I Didnt like the ending because a ten count is for you to get in the ring not for your car or ambulance to pull up. WWE needs to make things like they would really be not in a fantasy world. I feel like Raw has taken a step backwords While as Smackdown is taking a giant step forward. On a scale of 1-10 I give the show a 6. Welcome Back though HHH.


The following is from Michael

I know people may be ecstatic about Vickie leaving Raw but I am saddened yet happy that she managed to do very well in the maybe 2 years she’s been in the WWE. I think she gave her best performance as GM last night although the screaming for Edge was a little over the top. Unlike Mike Adamle who floundered as GM and everything else he did in the WWE, Vickie was able to build a hated on air personality and held her own against some of the top stars in the WWE. Good luck Vickie and I’m sure you made Eddie proud.