HHH Return Update, Batista/Orton PPV Spoiler?, John Cena

Triple HRoss Moyle sent along the following to WrestleZone.com: While watching RAW this weekend in New Zealand an ad was shown for the upcoming WWE RAW house show where Triple H was being advertised to team up with John Cena against Big Show and Randy Orton (who was pictured without the WWE Championship – which may be a spoiler that Orton is going to lose the title to Batista at Extreme Rules). Funnily enough, July 3 is the week after Night of Champions which says HHH will not be returning at SummerSlam as rumored.

-Today’s "Daily Diva" at WWE.com with a new photo is Nikki Bella of the Bella Twins.

-The "Superstar of the Day" at WWE.com today is Festus.

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