Another Possible Backlash Spoiler, Edge/Taker, Jim Neidhart, More

"Big Time Wrestling" sent along the following to Big Time Wrestling is proud to announce that Hart Foundation member & WWE Legend, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart has been added as a vendor guest to WrestleFest 2009. Tickets will be available at the convention. Also added as a vendor guest is Rock Riddle.

Kenny Douglass sent along the following to A few days before WrestleMania 25, I saw a commercial on TV announcing SmackDown and ECW live at Roberts Stadium, and they didn’t name any matches, just announced Superstars that are making appearences.  Today, My dad and I were coming home from the Library, and I heard on the Radio, an exact commercial, except they named the Main Event.  They announced Edge vs Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship.  This could mean Edge could win the title at Backlash or at SmackDown.  And this may mean Undertaker is going for the World Title, again.