Austin Passes Torch To Cena?, TNA Roster News, Edge, More

Luke Tisdell sent along the following to I was looking over TNA’s website when I noticed something. TNA is now listing Jenna Morasca the winner of "Survivor: The Amazon" as a part of the TNA roster. Although she has yet to have a match or be referred to as a member of the roster on TV. Also "The Governor" is now listed as Daffney, with a video of her Dr. Stevie segment from iMPACT! this past thursday on her profile.

Paul Bowman sent along the following to On if you go to the Superstar pages and select Edge’s profile it only shows him as a four time champion and last updated at Armageddon on 12/16/2007 against Batista and Undertaker.

Anthony Figueroa sent along the following to I was watching the WWE Hall Of Fame and at the end, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin said that he was closing the door but not on the fans. But the real interesting thing I noticed is when he was getting the beers thrown to him, he gave out only one – to John Cena. To me, I thought that was like Austin was offically passing the wrestling torch to John Cena to lead the WWE into the future.

Speaking of the Hall Of Fame and WrestleMania weekend,’s own Chris Cash is in Houston this week with a camera crew, and will be returning next video with a number of exclusive video interviews with WWE Superstars and legends.

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