AXXESS Report, DX Note, Stevie Richards On A Cartoon, Bret Hart

Mark Willoughby sent along the following to Hey man, I saw Michael Manna (aka Stevie Richards) did a voice in an online cartoon.  He was funny in it.   It has a lot of hits and stuff but I haven’t read anything about it until today when I saw it on myspace videos.   It’s called the Greatest Fan Film of all time and it’s really funny with a cool parts even tho I don’t like superheroes they are cool here.   The fighting is bloody.

"insydout02" sent along the following to I just left the WWE AXXESS and let me tell you what a nice job they did! DX came out first for a Q&A with Hall Of Famer Howard Finkel. When asked, Triple H said his favorite match was one he wasn’t involved in – Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair. Michaels said his favorite was the Ladder match with Scott Hall. We then saw Cryme Tyme defeat The Brian Kendrick and Zeke. Another note: Edge came out and predicted Undertaker to win at WrestleMania. He as well said Bret Hart would be his dream match.

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