Detailed Report From Booker T’s “Legends Of Wrestling” Fanfest

Bryan Kelley sent along the following to

I attended Booker T ‘s Legends of Wrestling Fan Fest yesterday in Houston. The show was fairly small in terms of attractions but there was a good crowd due to WrestleMania being in town. I personally got many autographs and met some great fans at the event. I would say most of the fans were also attending the Ring of Honor event later in the evening. Just some notes on the talent at hand:


-Stan Hansen was there and one of the nicest guys I have ever met at a wrestling show. Very nice, very polite. I can’t say enough of how great it was to meet him.


-Kevin Nash was on hand, nice as always but boy he was loaded on pills. He said he just had a surgery.


-Chavo Guerrero Sr. was there and really the only talent I saw drinking beer. He was very nice.


-Samoa Joe was by far the coolest of all the wrestlers at the event. He was one of the best parts of the show, no doubt.


-Team 3-D was there. I will say that D-Von was quiet but friendly. Bubba Ray on the other hand was the rudest wrestler at the show. He had a very bad attitude and kept demanding someone find him some Ginger Ale. Classless.


-The Nasty Boys were there with Jimmy Hart, and they seemed to be in a great mood, and had the most charisma.


-Diamond Dallas Page was great. Talking with him is like talking to a long time friend. He was a complete gentlemen.


-Kishi (formerly Rikishi) was nice and friendly both with the adults and the kids.


-Booker T was in a great mood. He made everyone feel more than welcome.


-I also got the chance to meet Tully Blanchard. Meeting him was a true pleasure.


-Jake "The Snake" Roberts was another one of the funniest guys there. He said he no longer drinks and parties, but eats instead. He was cracking jokes. He was a lot of fun.


-There were others there but I didnt get to meet them, like Sting, Mick Foley, Chris Nowinski, Ernest Miller, etc.


All in all it was a decent event, and all in all pretty fun for "Hardcore Wrestling" fans — 4 out of 5 stars.

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