Edge To RAW Full-Time?; WWE Takes Action Against Websites

Kayleigh Walker sent along the following to WrestleZone.com: Just if you would like to know, WWE has been shutting down fan-sites made for their Divas and Superstars. They have closed many sites already and others have had to be placed on hiatus, such as: Beth-Phoenix.com, Mickie-Vibe.org and Jillian-Hall.org. Others have had to take their galleries offline. They have received emails from WWE saying that it is because of them having WWE.com images on their site/gallery. There isn’t much word on why this has started up now, but hopefully soon more information will come to light.

Tommy Rice sent along the following to WrestleZone.com: I saw an advertisement during a WWE show here in the UK and it was for the main event of the WWE RAW WrestleMania Revenge Tour. It said John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho and Edge (with the World title), so Edge might be coming to RAW.

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