WWE Once Again Touts SmackDown! Ratings On MyNetworkTV

The following is from WWE.com:

SmackDown’s ratings rule Friday nights

Written: March 13, 2009

Last Friday’s SmackDown was another monumental night for MyNetworkTV. The episode featuring WWE Champion Triple H vs. Umaga in the main event – which was interrupted by Randy Orton and Legacy’s beating of The Game – garnered a 2.0 rating. The show was watched by 2,334,000 households in the United States, with a total viewership of 3,411,000.

SmackDown was the most-watched program on TV Friday night among males ages 12 to 17 and 12 to 24. More males watched SmackDown than any program on NBC, Fox or The CW, including Dateline. More people watched SmackDown than all the programs on MTV and VH1 combined. It was also the most-watched entertainment program in primetime among men ages 18-34, beating ESPN’s NBA broadcast of the Nuggets vs. Jazz, TBS’ Family Guy, CBS’ Numb3rs, CBS’ Ghost Whisperer, Fox’s Dollhouse and NBC’s Friday Night Lights.