Funny Backstage Note on Edge’s E.C. Win at No Way Out is reporting that Vince McMahon was so worried about the Edge’s win in the second Elimination Chamber match at No Way being leaked to the Internet, they went to extra measures the night of the show. 

The superstars involved in the Chamber matches always do a rehearsal prior to the show.  To prevent other superstars from seeing Edge working out with the Raw participants, they actually put a tarp over the Elimination Chamber during their workout. 

I expect Vince and Company will take more cautionary measures like this in the future since reports indicate he was extremely upset with the Matt Hardy turn at the Royal Rumble being leaked online, especially when it involves major storyline angles. 

It’s been said before, but it really does surprise me that it bothers him so much.  When you look at it, the Internet honestly does make up a small percentage of WWE fans.  At most, you’re looking at 5-10 percent of WWE’s audience. 

Take into the account that a smaller percentage of those same fans (compared to casual fans) actually buy WWE pay per views, the majority that watched No Way would have had no idea what was going to take place, even if it was leaked online a few hours before the show.